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The Benefits of Parks in Neighborhoods

Parks are complex elements of a neighborhood. By serving scores of different uses, they may be specialized in their function, or can simply provide visual appeal for residents.

Here are some facts that display how public parks enhance the value of your home and your life.

1. Create Safer Neighborhoods

Evidence now exists that when green spaces are adjacent to residential areas, they create neighborhoods with fewer violent and property crimes. When you see your neighbors daily or weekly, relationships are formed, creating a stronger community. Science also backs the time spent in nature immediately adjacent to the home helps people relieve mental fatigue, reducing aggression and therefore outbreaks of crime.

2. Help Children Learn:

In a world where children are encompassed with the constant distraction of smart phones, computers, and social media, nearby parks offer children the daily benefits of direct experience with nature-the motivation to explore, discover, and learn about their world, and to engage in physical activity.

3. Economic Value to Your Home:

All around the U.S., real estate brokers and homebuilders are advocating parks as one of the top residential selling points. This logically makes sense. When a park is nearby, your yard space is immediate expanded. It’s more than just a bike path or a pond; it becomes your bike path, your pond. this means more room to roam, explore, and enjoy, bringing value to your home. After years of living, when it’s time to place the for sale sign in the front yard, having a park nearby will make an excellent selling point and add immense value to your home.

With David Landry Real Estate, we know the importance of green space, and that’s why we survey the entire area. Contact us for more information on how to make a house your home sweet home.

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