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Interesting Factors That Influence Homebuying

When you step into a home, it becomes a piece of you, a reflection of your own personality, tastes, and values. With this in mind, RedFin, a real estate analyst company, took some interesting statistics to compare and contrast the views of different kinds of homebuyers.

In a survey of over 1,000 Americans on the question of which elements of a home they found most desirable and which they could do without, RedFin discovered some interesting information. For example,

By percentage, men tend to value the exterior style and maintenance of the home, as preferred to women, who care more about the interior. This yields true, due to the fact that men typically spend twice as much time as women on lawn and garden care, while women appreciate the subtleties of a clean and more put together home than a man.

For those families with children, having a deck or backyard patio, neighborhood appearance, and neighborhood safety is more important than those without children. Truly, when one joins parenthood one becomes far more precise about their real estate needs.

While RedFin’s findings reveal some interesting contrasts in home preferences, at David Landry Real Estate, we have found that for your house to become a home, it needs to possess the traits in which you value most. Let David Landry Real Estate walk with you in this exciting time to help you find your home sweet home.

For more interesting and even funny statistics of homebuyers, click the link below:

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